Life is like a box of chocolates… Seriously?

A Funny Thing Happened Today...

Well, of course it depends on which box we’re talking about and how you interpret the above statement.

Metaphorically, life certainly can be like a box of chocolates, yet it really does matter whether you’re the kind of person who picks out the same chocolates every time or whether you’re more adventurous and will eat every chocolate in the box regardless of the flavor or contents.

I’m talking about Quality Street’s, “Favorites” here… where there are about 7 or 8 different chocolates in the box.  Actually, I have no idea how many different ones are in the box – this might just have to be my project for today… buy a box of Quality Street and figure out how many different flavors they have in them…

What kind of chocolate person are you?  Do you prefer to stick with the plain chocolates all the time or do you prefer the…

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