Strictly Pancakes

Ph.Ds of FOOD

On our previous visit to Strictly Pancakes, we noticed that almost every table ordered a serving of The Druggie. However, at the same time, we realized that most patrons were unable to finish The Druggie as well. On our 2nd visit to Strictly Pancakes, we were determined to unravel the hype around The Druggie.

The Druggie ($11) – Indulge in the ultimate chocolate fix with three chocolate pancakes served with chocolate ice cream sprinkled with chocolate flakes and sliced strawberries topped with homemade chocolate sauce. For every chocolate lover, The Druggie was indeed a pretty sight. We enjoyed the top layer of chocolate flakes and chocolate sauce. The rich chocolate sauce and the crunchy chocolate flakes added depth and texture to the fluffy soft chocolate pancakes. Texture wise, the chocolate pancakes definitely made the mark. Taste wise, they were not that overwhelmingly strong with chocolate, hence…

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