Cocoa Taste Test


I’ve always been curious how single origin chocolates taste. I was told that eating chocolate is not merely a happy activity, but an exciting one as well, bringing never-ending surprises to the taster. The soil, the weather, the climate influences the growth of cocoa beans, and by extension, the taste of the chocolate. I finally did a small taste test on Madagascan and Peruvian cocoa beans.

Madagascan cocoa

Taste-wise, there was bright acidity in this one. I did some reading online, and I was supposed to expect acidity from flavors of mixed berries in Madagascan cocoa. Maybe my taste buds are abnormal when it comes to anything sour/acidic. I did not taste berries, but instead it was very citrusy – like orange. Texture-wise I thought this was rather flat. Not creamy or smooth enough for my liking. I managed to break the chocolate bar easily along the ridges, without much…

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