de cake boutique

Ph.Ds of FOOD

Besides Grin Affair, another newly opened cake shop at Everton Park is de cake boutique. However unlike the former, there hasn’t been much publicity and hype surrounding de cake boutique.

The Chocolate Tart was rather petite but good things do come in small packages. In fact, perhaps petite size was good, as too much of it could be a little too overwhelming. The tart base was a bit bland, and could be slightly improved in terms of texture and taste. However, the use of premium quality chocolate was evident in the chocolate layer filling. Even better was the chocolate ganache atop the tart, which was smooth, rich, bitter sweet and simply finger licking good.

Texture wise, the Brownie was very moist, chewy, dense, with bits of sugar embedded within. There was hardly any sponge, and was almost like a chewy bit of chocolate bar. It was rich…

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