Vegetarian review: LaRosa’s Pizza

Another Food Critic

All this month, Another Food Critic is taking a special look at the vegetarian options on local restaurants’ menus. To learn more, click here. For the original review of LaRosa’s Pizza, click here.

LaRosa’s Pizza and a vegetarian diet are easily compatible from the beginning, as vegetarians need lots of fresh and creative ideas for vegetable dishes to keep things creative, while LaRosa’s distinguishes itself by having a lot of very fresh-tasting vegetables on its pizzas. I spent my whole life until now gorging on LaRosa’s meat-centric pizzas like any proper native Cincinnatian. It would almost be sad to think of giving that up, until I looked at the latest menu.

What have I been doing this whole time? I did not know what I was missing out on.

Among several delicious vegetarian pizza options is the Garden Garlic Pesto, a tasty alternative loaded with fresh garlic, spinach…

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