Moving, Weddings, Tylenol Cold and Political Corruption.

Cupcake In Cairo

Well shame on me, I’ve been absent for a while, but I swear I have wonderful excuses, don’t we all. I’ve really wanted to blog daily, about anything, recipe, something I baked, stories, thoughts, anything. Just a moment in the day where I can let my brain be free.

This week has been a serious handful. The fact I’m still standing today, I do pat myself on the back, as I drink my hot lemon and honey that is being forced upon me by my employees. Because hot lemon and honey is the cure for anything, or so they say.

I finally moved my bakery, it was completely bittersweet. I have a bakery kitchen and I supply to my locations. My old bakery was near my old house in a very congested area in the heart of Cairo. About a year and half ago I moved to a newer area…

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