Chocolates not for Pets

how cute..

The Official Lotus Chocolate Blog

It’s a given fact that we all love chocolates. It is natural tendency to share what we love with our loved ones, be it our family, friends or even our pets. Dogs are one of the most common pets we have around us. In fact, some of us treat them like our family member, feeding them and sharing our food with them. Dogs love chocolates, not only the taste but its scent too. Unlike cats that cannot sense the sweetness in a food, dogs can and they eventually develop an attraction to anything they find delicious (just like us humans). But, did you know that feeding these yummy confections to your loved pets can complicate their health or even worse, lead to their death?

Ask any Vets and they can tell you that chocolate poisoning is one of the most common cases of canine poisoning. Since chocolates are something almost…

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